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The Beginning – Two Roads

Welcome, to Made all the Difference or Matd as I like to call it! If it’s your first time here, welcome to a travel blog about the experiences of a twenty-something American expat.  I have been to 16 countries across 5 continents.  I am an adventure enthusiast.  I have climbed 5 mountains over 14,000 ft.  I have hiked over 1000 miles of trail.  I am a certified SCUBA with over 60 dives including several wrecks and caverns.  I am willing to try almost anything once.

I started to travel at an early age. When I was ten months old, I had my first plane ride.  Rather than going to grandma’s house, we flew across the United States to attend the Long Beach, Washington International Kite Festival.  My earliest childhood memory is from this trip.  It is quite traumatic.  I spilled sand in my French fries.  Despite this trauma, I have not stopped traveling. Before I graduated high school, my parents had taken me all over the United States to visit kite festivals and national parks, go across the border to Canada, fly to four Caribbean islands, and one People to People trip to Europe.

Enjoying the beach at the Long Beach, Washington International Kite Festival.

In the six years since I have graduated high school, I haven’t stopped traveling.  I made two cross-country road trips across the United States.  I moved to a small country in Africa and have made traveling and exploring the world a priority in my life.  This blog is to chronicle my travels, share my experiences, and the lessons I have learned as an expat, recreational traveler, and business traveler.

The Beginning - The Travel at the summit of Pikes Peak
The Traveler after a hike to the summit of Pikes Peak at the end of summer 2012. My last activity in Colorado Springs before my Utah National Park road trip.

If you have any more questions about me, check out The Traveler or Correspond with Me to send me a message.

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  1. Great job in documenting your adventures and travels. Our stories need to be written so when you look back at it when you’re older, you will have fun browsing about how you lived your life when you are younger! Kudos to you.

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