4 Ways to Explore Music and More in Nashville

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Nashville, Tennessee, commonly called Music City, USA, is a city of music. Several of the city’s small cafés and bars have set the scene for the early careers of many of country musicians. While the city notably focuses on music, its many different facets also offer visitors much to explore, being the state capital of Tennessee — and home to a world-class art museum.

Tourist Tip #1: Check out the Nashville bus system. It offers stops near many tourist attractions and local hotspots.

Walk the Halls of the Parthenon

4 Ways to Explore Music and More in Nashville

Image via Flickr by schnaars

Standing proudly over Tennessee’s Centennial Park is a building straight out of Ancient Greece. The Nashville Parthenon is a replica of the Parthenon in the Athenian Acropolis. The building was built in the late 1890s as a monument to Nashville’s status as the Athens of the South. Home to one of the first US public school systems, Nashville also hosts several prestigious universities. Today, the Parthenon serves as a reminder of that history and is also a world-class art museum.

Tourist Tip #2: Be sure to spend some time walking through the nearby Centennial Park.

See a Live Performance at the Ryman Auditorium

4 Ways to Explore Music and More in Nashville

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The historic Ryman Auditorium barely escaped being torn down in 1971, but it was saved by Nashville’s love of the historic building. The Ryman Auditorium began life as a place for indoor Christian revival events. Later, the hall’s great acoustics inspired a change of name and a radio program. The Ryman Auditorium was home to the Grand Ole Opry until 1971 and has hosted numerous other performances since. Today, it’s still the winter home of the Grand Ole Opry show.

Tourist Tip #3: If you’re seeing a show at the Country Music Hall of Fame or the Ryman Auditorium, be sure to book a hotel near Nashville’s Music Row to be within walking distance. Taxis can be hard to find after shows.

Tourist Tip #4: Book your ticket in advance, preferably with CheapoTicketing, since the Opry shows can sell out months in advance.

Tour the Capitol

4 Ways to Explore Music and More in Nashville

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Nashville isn’t just home to country music. It’s also the location of Tennessee’s state government. Designed by famed American architect William Strickland, the Tennessee State Capitol is based on the Choragic Monument of Lysicrates in Athens. Both Strickland and construction manager Samuel Morgan were interred within the building; today, it’s said that visitors to the Tennessee State Capitol can still hear them arguing.

Tourist Tip #5: Be sure to check the capitol’s schedule to see whether the legislature is in session.

Explore a Plantation

4 Ways to Explore Music and More in Nashville

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Nashville is home to several major plantations that in recent years have started to recognize and acknowledge the pain inflicted on the slaves who built and maintained these plantations. One of the best examples is Belle Meade Plantation, which was a premier horse breeding farm during the early and mid-1800s. At its height, the plantation spanned over 5,000 acres and was one of the largest in Tennessee. Andrew Jackson’s former retirement home, the Hermitage, is another plantation worth visiting.

Tourist Tip #6: Most of the plantation houses are outside of the city and away from public transportation.

Nashville is a city with more to offer than just music. It’s a destination with a rich history and plenty of places for music, history, and culture lovers to explore. What’s your favorite part of visiting Nashville?

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  1. Nashville was a lot of fun. I would drive through often when visiting my parents after they moved to Knoxville. Great tips on what to visit!

  2. I never knew much about Nashville till today, but it definitely looks like worth a visit for reasons beyond good music. The Parthenon is beautiful!

  3. Never been to Nashville but always fancied going just for the country music side of things. Did not know there was a massive Parthenon there! Wow!

  4. I would love to visit some of the plantations here … it’s a very big step to hear that many of them have started to recognize and acknowledge the pain inflicted on the slaves. Thanks for the tip on being away from public transport – we’ll likely rent a car.

    1. The plantations are part of the history of the area. For good or bad, they need to be preserved as part of the legacy of slavery. A lot of the plantations have preserved the slave quarters and raise awareness the treatment of the slaves.

  5. Nashville looks amazing, i am a bit of a country music fan. I did not know about the Nashville Parthenon. What a treat to have a replica of such a great Greece building. The plantations of the south would be amazing to tour with all the history associated.

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