5 Epic Ways to Explore using Pokemon Go

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I am still not sure what to make of Pokemon Go but I do find the game fascinating.  I have spent more time reading news stories or watching people play the game.  I am excited that it has encouraged people to get out of the house and explore their neighborhoods and surrounding locations.  Here are 5 Epic Ways to Explore using Pokemon Go.

Visit of all the local Gyms and Poke Stops Locations

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Find all you local Gyms and Poke Stops.  Once you are done shopping or with the gym, take 5 minutes and check out the surrounding location.   Many of these are located at or near local landmarks. This is a great chance to explore your hometown while still having fun playing Pokemon Go.

Check out some new restaurants

Step out of your comfort zone and try a local restaurant that you have never been too.  New food, new location, and supporting a local business is a win for everyone involved.  One never knows who/what will join you for dinner.  Just don’t forget to eat.

Take a walking tour

Take your Pokemon on a walk around town on foot.  While walking around town, you can hatch an egg and take time to check out some local highlights that are not a gym or poke stop. Who knows what you will catch on your walk around town?

Explore your local ecosystems

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Rumor on the street is that some Pokemon are more common near their natural habitat.  Such as finding Rattata and Pidgeys everywhere, or Poliwag near a lake, or Ponyta in a desert.  I bet that Mewtwo will be found hidden on Area 51.

Meet new people

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Pokemon Go has infatuated so many people.  It isn’t just for the twenty-year-olds who played the original Pokemon games at the height of popularity.  The game is played by people from all walks of life from high school kids or adults.  Don’t be afraid to make some friend with other people playing Pokemon Go.  It is not hard to figure out who is playing the game.

Respect the environment and locations

Do remember that Pokemon Go is a game.  Don’t damage fragile environments in order to catch a Pokemon.  Also, be aware of your surroundings and be respectful of the locations you are at.  Don’t catch Pokemon or visit the Poke Stops in places like the National Holocaust Museum.  Also do play Pokemon Go while driving.

Are you obsessed with playing Pokemon Go?  Why do you love or hate the game?

A new game is sweeping the world. It is getting people of all ages of their buts and exploring the world around them while hunting Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

14 thoughts on “5 Epic Ways to Explore using Pokemon Go”

  1. Love this! At first I was very anti Pokemon Go because I thought it was a bit silly but looking at the ways in which it’s managed to get people out exploring is really interesting!

  2. Well at least that game gets people of their asses, so I am all for it, even though I don’t think I will start playing it 😉

    But I like the concept and hope there will be more games like that one now apearing. Isn’t it amazing what people have created over the last years. There is so much innovation out there, totally giddy when I think what more is there to come^^

  3. I honestly think this new game is a great way to get people out and exploring places they never would have gone to on their own! Not to mention its really cute 🙂

  4. Unfortunately the app keeps on crashing and once I get to a Pokestop, it takes forever to reboost. I’d rather wait a bit until the app becomes less popular because it’s very time consuming. Love the idea though±

  5. This is sweet! People are getting freaked out that the game will disassociate people more from the world, but this shows how it can connect you. We’ve barely started playing but are excited to try more.

    1. I think it will do a little of both. A lot more people are getting out of the house but at the same time some don’t look up from their phones.

  6. To be honest, I am not into Pokemon so a lot of this is lost on me. But the idea of getting people out and about exploring where they live through the game is fascinating!! Really interesting read!

    1. It is one of those things that one doesn’t need to understand. I enjoy watching people walk into things while playing the game.

  7. I’m turning the hose on people who are walking into my yard to find pokemon – so over the game and a little bewildered at how it seems like it has stopped the whole world lol! But hey, if it’s getting people outside then all the more power to them!

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