Spotlight Thursday – Congregating in Congaree National Park


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Congregating in Congaree National Park

Every Thursday, I will be posting a photo from my travels and a spotlight on the location. Today’s Photo Thursday is from a weekend trip with my best friend to Congaree National Park, South Carolina.  It was my thirteenth national park.  It was lucky number 13 on my quest to visit all 59 United States National Parks (there were only 58 when I started my journey).  We drove 5 hours from out home in Tennessee to Congaree.  It is the third newest national park in the US system.  Congaree is the largest tract of old-growth bottomland hardwood forest in the United States.  The park is over 26,000 acres.  The park was established as a national park in 2003.  Originally Congaree National Park was called Congaree Swamp National Monument.  The Swamp was dropped to increase the appeal of the name.  Doesn’t matter what they call it Congaree is first and foremost a swamp. The Park has many activities such as hiking, canoeing, kayaking and bird watching.  The park is home to bobcats, deer, coyotes, armadillos, turtles, snakes, alligators and lots of fish.  Most of the park is part of the Congaree Swamp.

My best friend and I did an afternoon paddle on Ceder Creek.  As we paddled among the Cyprus knees and other trees, we kept our eye out for wildlife.  I wanted to see the dreaded Cottonmouth (also know as Water Moccasins).   We came around a bend in the river, and I saw my prize.  “Is that a Water Moccasin,” my best friend ask.  “Nope, it’s not,” I lie through my teeth.  I want a picture and need to get just a little closer.  We are still about 10 feet from the snake when he decides we are too close.  I get busted on the lie when we stop at the Visitor Center and she asked the ranger for an ID.  I am pretty sure she knew I was lying to begin with just wanted proof of it.

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20 Replies to “Spotlight Thursday – Congregating in Congaree National Park”

    • Jennifer Post author

      I don’t but that is a really good idea. I am not into flora but I do keep track of the fauna. I am always on the lookout for animals.

    • Jennifer Post author

      I have a custom book for the passport stamps from the parks and I have a wall map with all the parks (well it has all the parks as of two years ago. I can’t decide if I like the fact we keep getting more or annoyed that more means I need a new map). I am still kind of annoyed about Pinnacles elevation to National Park. When that happened, I went from being half way done to not being half way done.

    • Jennifer Post author

      I can believe it, and I hope you weren’t bitten. I almost stepped on one in the Everglades. In total, I have stepped on or close to 6 snakes in 5 states. Thankfully, none of the ones I actually stepped on were poisonous. But I have had a few close calls.

      Currently, I am up to 29 Nationals Park. I plan on visiting two more in the coming weeks.

  1. Lesley

    Although I lived in North Carolina for two years, I never visited Congaree National Park, South Carolina. Your photo makes me realize I definitely missed out. The beauty of North and South Carolina is truly magical.

  2. Mia

    What a great idea! Visiting all of the United States National Parks is a pretty awesome goal. I love your graphic with all the important information for the trip. I also love your story of the Cotton Mouth! I would never even have gotten in that boat, let alone within 10 feet of one of those things. You’re a brave soul!
    Mia’s current road . . . Barcelona RevisitedMy Profile

    • Jennifer Post author

      I still remember meeting a NatGeo Photographer whose camera bag had patches from all the National Parks. He inspired me to want to visit them all.

      I am pretty sure the Cottonmouth is the reason my best friend ask more questions when I want to go do something. Before this trip, she usually just said yes and let me plan it.

      I have an unhealthy obsession with seeing things that can kill me. Like Rattlesnakes in Colorado or Mountain Lions in Washington.


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