A Quick Guide to Visiting the Gangnam District of Seoul, South Korea

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A Quick Guide to Visiting the Gangnam District of Seoul, South Korea
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Seoul, Korea is a massive metropolis. The city is made of up 25 gu, or districts. The Gangnam District, located south of the Han River, is one of the largest and most populated districts in the city of Seoul. Many people from around the world associate the Gangnam District with the viral video by South Korean singer Psy, but the district has much more to offer. Discover the Gangham District and use this quick guide to plan your itinerary. Check out this Seoul city guide to learn what to do whilst you’re in the city.

How to Get There

The city of Seoul has two major international airports. The largest is Incheon International Airport, which is located on an island about an hour outside of the city. The second is Gimpo International Airport, which is located on the western edge of the metropolitan area. This airport mainly serves as an international hub for flights within Korea and other Asian destinations. Both airports offer a wide range of public and private transportation options into the city.

You can reach the Gangnam District by most forms of public transport including six subway lines. Seoul’s extensive subway network makes it easy to get around both the district and the city.

Where to Stay in the Gangnam District

The Gangnam District is one of Seoul’s wealthiest, and it’s home to a wide range of high-end hotels. Choose from luxury hotels such as the InterContinental Grand Seoul Parnas, which makes an amazing base for exploring the Gangnam District and the rest of Seoul. The hotel is centrally located near all the major attractions, and many are within walking distance. The hotel also offers sunrise views of the Han River.

What to Do in the Gangnam District

Samneung Park

Samneung Park is home to three tombs from Korea’s Joseon Dynasty, which ruled the Kingdom of Joseon from the 14th century until the 19th century. Altogether, two kings and one queen are buried in the park. King Seongjong, the ninth king of Joseon, and King Jungjong, the 11th king of Joseon, are buried here along with Seongjong’s wife, Queen Jeonghyeon, the mother of Jungjong. Stone fences surround the tombs.

Samsung D’light

Samsung D’light is a large exhibition hall in the Samsung Electronics building. This exhibition hall features Samsung’s latest technology and electronic products and demonstrates how advanced technology guides life. All of the exhibits feature hands-on and interactive components.


Queen Jeonghyeon helped found the Bongeunsa Buddhist temple to honor her husband and pray for his eternal life. The temple partially burned down in 1939 and experienced further damage during the Korean War, but the wooden Flower Garland Sutra survived. The wooden Flower Garland Sutra is one of the few to survive the Korean War.

COEX Shopping Mall

The COEX mall is the largest underground shopping center in Asia. It features brands from around the world as well as high-end luxury stores. The mall is also home to the COEX Aquarium and an entire museum dedicated to kimchi.

The Gangnam District is a great place to start exploring Seoul. What do you want to see when you visit?