9 Amazing Gifts for a USA National Park Traveler

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In honor of REI’s #OptOutside movement and part of my Cyber Monday series, I am sharing some of my favorite gifts for a USA national park traveler / junkie like myself.

Interagency Annual Pass ~ $80

10 Amazing Gifts for a USA National Park Traveler

The National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Interagency Annual Pass is the perfect gift for anyone planning on visiting several of the parks. While some of the parks are free, most have an entrance fee. The fees range from a small $3.00 fee to $30.00. This year alone, without this pass I would have spent close to $150 USA on entrance fees. It is a no brainer for anyone planning on road tripping through the national parks. It can be purchased at any national park or land with a entrance fee or here.

National Geographic Guide to National Parks of the United States ~ $15

10 Amazing Gifts for a USA National Park Traveler

National Geographic Guide to National Parks of the United States is a great guide for anyone looking to visit the USA national park. The book provides guides for short visits, advice on camping, and hiking in all of the national parks.

Passport To Your National Parks ~ $10

10 Amazing Gifts for a USA National Park Traveler

An important event in every national park visit is to get the cancelation stamp. I started collecting stamps with the official Passport to Your National Park book. It gives you space to collect about 60 cancelation stamps. These books can be purchased at any park gift shop or here.

National Parks Travel Quest Poster ~ $129

10 Amazing Gifts for a USA National Park Traveler

Recently, my map of the USA national parks and land was made outdated by the addition of several new national land and the elevation of Pinnacles to a National Park. I was hunting on Etsy for ideas for a new map. I found this amazing map from MapYourTravels. It has all 59 national parks and custom made artwork with views from all 59 parks.

Asolo Athena Hiking Boots ~ $200

10 Amazing Gifts for a USA National Park Traveler

Wearing my Asolo’s in Iceland.

I am on my second pair of Asolo Athena Hiking Boots. Every national park explore needs a good pair of hiking boots. One can’t just explore the parks from the car. These boots are my favorite because they fit my slightly wider than normal feet perfectly. After the initial break-in period, I can wear them for hours. The high tops provide great ankle protection as well as the waterproofing is great (as long as I don’t over top the boot with water). I had to replace my first pair of Asolo’s after I wore the tread off by hiking about 1000 miles in them.

Deuter Aircontact 65+10 Backpack

10 Amazing Gifts for a USA National Park Traveler

I have used my Deuter Aircontact 65+10 Backpack since I purchased the pack in 2010. It is my primary travel bag. From backpacking Wonderland Trail in Mount Rainier National Park to trekking around Colombia to backpacking in Europe, this bag is amazing. It is large enough to pack two weeks worth of stuff and camping gear, yet small enough not to cause over packing. Don’t forget to brush up on the basics of packing clothes in your backpack before embarking on your travels to ensure that you pack intelligently and efficiently; this will be invaluable, trust me. Looking for an alternative? Arkadia Supply make very durable backpacks that are waterproof and that can fit inside your pocket.

Camelbak 100 oz (3L) Reservoir ~ $30


Make hiking with a water bottle a thing of the past with a Camelbak 100 oz (3L) Reservoir. With 3L, this reservoir provides enough water to do a full day of hiking. It can be refilled many times over and helping the environment and prevent the expense of bottled water. Make sure your traveler know to close it tight.

Moon and Half Dome in Yosemite National Park Art Poster Ansel Adams ~ $1141PnBSArYXL

Name a one photographer of the US national Parks? Ansel Adams might have came to mind. Visit almost any western national park in the USA and you will find a book on Ansel Adams and maybe and orginal print hanging on the wall. He is a icon amoung national park travlers and his photographs helped with the creation and protection of the parks. “Moon and Half Dome” is my favoirte of his photographs and I have this very poster hanging with my room.

Silver Natioanal Lands Quarter Ring ~ $50


Give your national park lover a ring to celebrate their favorite national park. These rings are handmade from silver USA state quarters by The Ring Tree. The park selection is limited due to one park per state such as Arches from Utah or Denali from Alaska

What are your favorite gifts for a USA National Park Traveler?

Disclaimer: I have not been compensated for any of these suggestions. All products were either purchased by me or things I want. This post does contain several affiliate links.

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