An Iceland Weekend Adventure with Go Iceland Car Rental

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For Valentine’s Day, my new boyfriend and I decided that dinner wasn’t excited enough. Instead, we decided to take advantage of the holiday weekend and head off for a romantic weekend of adventure in one of my favorite places in the world – Iceland. Go Car Rental Iceland was kind enough to provide a premium Subaru Forrester for our 3-day weekend. I mean, I did have to make sure I had the right form of car insurance, which is why I looked into finding auto insurance quotes online before heading out on this trip. It is better to be safe than sorry, especially when you are on the road. You just never know what could happen. If you are using a car rental service, you might want to make sure that they have something like i4mt trade insurance so you know both the rental service and your car are covered in case anything happens. I know the drill as I have already rented a truck for commercial use at So, the whole procedure is quite simple.

Our Brand new Subaru Forester is ready for your Adventure! ?@rickycollier

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Car pick up

The boyfriend and I were arriving on two different flights about an hour apart. I was meet promptly by a Go Car Rental agent at the arranged pick up time. He had a nice sign board with the Go Car Rental logo and my name on it. We walked outside to take a short ride to their parking lot. There we filled out the required paperwork and inspection on the car. It includes the signing of all the paper works needed for the dr10 car insurance to make sure everything was good and secure. I was impressed that he went walked around the car and checked for existing damage. It was dark, and I didn’t see any. He told me that if I noticed any during daylight to give them a call, and they would add it to the form (a couple of hours later, I checked again and only found the car’s exterior to be a little dirty but that is typical of Iceland plus we had just driven close to 100km). He told me that the car had studded snow tires and showed me the most important feature of the car, the steering wheel heater. He asked if I had any questions about driving in Iceland (I didn’t, but this isn’t my first time diving in Iceland). He let me put the boyfriend on the Car Rental without having to see his Diver’s license without seeing his DL as he hadn’t landed yet, but I had all his information. The whole pick-up process took 15 mins. How I wish it had been this simple for us in Barcelona. I have to admit that this was exceptionaly easy and probably never going to happen again.

The car

My rental car was an upgraded Subaru Forrester. It had as mentioned earlier a steering wheel warm as well as the front seats were heated. It was an automatic which is nice when your boyfriend doesn’t drive a manual every day (Every car I have owned has been a manual and will stay that way for as long as I can get a manual). It had a backup camera as well as studded snow tires. Despite being a rental, if you wanted to add any more fancy additions to the car, as trips like these are to be cherished in an utmost sense of enjoyment, you can get those from Rav4 parts.

The interior was spotless, and I really like that they had the plastic floor mats. It makes it so much nicer to get in a car with boots that have still have a little crude on them after a hike, that one couldn’t knock off.

The service numbers are attached to the dashboard of the car, so one doesn’t have to hunt if they need them. I didn’t need them, but it was nice to know I didn’t need to dig out the contract to find them. The sticker on the dashboard also includes some helpful reminds for driving in Iceland like be care opening car doors in the wind. The wind can blow the car open and break it. You can find more detailed info here.


Usually, I decline all insurance because my credit card has me covered, but Iceland is a little different. It’s good to find extremely cheap auto insurance, especially when the credit card insurance doesn’t usually cover sand and ash damage. It is not unheard of for ash and sandstorm that can throw golf ball sized rocks. Getting the special insurance offered by Go Car Rental is an excellent idea. Car repairs aren’t cheap, and they cost about double in Iceland (trust me the bumper I damaged on my previous trip was $1800).

The drop-off

Dropping off the car was easy. Go Car Rental has a small lot located across from the rental car office building. It has a nice big sign out front, plus my pick-up representative showed me where it was during the car pick-up. There is a gas station at the airport, so filling up upon return is easy. We arrived back at the airport two hours before my flight. We packed up our stuff, and in typical Iceland, fashion left the car keys in the glove box and caught the car rental shuttle to the airport.

Disclaimer: I was provided the rental car by GO Iceland Car Rental. All opinions are my own.

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  1. You have given excellent information. All the people do not know about the car rental, to which car of the car rental company takes their journey. Nice to read your post. Thanks for such post and please keep it up.

  2. Looks like renting a car with Go Iceland was nice and easy. I will surely keep that in mind for my next Iceland adventure.

  3. Nice info! I’ve been planning to do a road trip in Iceland – even wrote a post about the places I would like to go/stop – so it’s good to know about the little & big details that you mentioned in the post. I did think that insurance would be kind of a given in my case but didn’t expect it can be that costly to repair a car. $1800 for a bumper? That’s crazy!

  4. Iceland really is amazing! I loved it too! We were going to rent a car but at the last minute decided not to and what a mistake that was! Not that the coaches were bad but would just have been good to have the freedom to go where we liked! The car you guys got looks amazing!

  5. Great idea renting a car and driving around. I didn’t realise it would be so expensive to repair a bumper! It seems that Go Car Rental made the process very simple and picking you up from the airport, bonus!

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