MatD’s Ultimate Utah Bucket List

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Utah Rocks!  That phrase seems to be everywhere nowadays.  I would call Utah the state of rocks.  Its most prominent features are all rocks.  Visitors come from around the world to see Utah’s rocks.  I have been obsessed with this state since long before I before I started my 59 national park quest.  I have wanted to visit Utah (aka Angel’s Landing in Zion) since I was in high school.  I have visited this state several times since I started college.  I took an internship that didn’t really interest me for the solo reason as it got my close to Utah.  I then took the long way home from Colorado to Florida with a trip to Utah on the way.  There are plenty of things to do in Utah.  Here is my MatD’s Ultimate Utah Bucket List

Visit Zion National Park – Completed Summer 2012 and January 2015

Photo Credit: Jennifer Melroy

Zion National Park is the most famous of the 5 Utah National Parks.  Zion features a spectacular water-carved canyon and one of the most amazing engineering feats.  Visitors explore the canyon from the canyon floor up.

A visitor could spend a month exploring the park but if you are up for an adventure it is possible to scratch the surface of Zion National Park in a weekend.

Hike the Narrows – Completed Summer 2012

Photo Credit: Dan Mitler

The Narrows is a spectacular hike thru a world-famous slot canyon.  This hike can vary in length from less than a mile to 16 miles.  There are two options for hiking the canyon either upstream or downstream.  Downstream hikes are 16 miles and require a permit.  The first three miles of the

Hike Subway Canyon

Photo Credit: Jae

If you are lucky enough to have one of the 80 people per day selected for a permit, then you have access to Subway Canyon.  The canyon is known for a small section that looks like a subway tube.  From the top down, the canyon is a technical climb or is a long hike from the bottom.

Climb Mystery Canyon

Photo Credit: au_ears

A technical climb with very limited permit access.  Only 12 spots are available every day.  This canyon features some of the more recent geological changes such as a sandpile from a recent slide.  It has 12 rappels that are up to 120 ft.

Summit Angel’s Landing – Completed Summer 2012 and January 2015

Spend the night on Angel’s Landing

I would love to spend the night on this amazing viewpoint and watch the stars.  Be forewarned this is not encouraged due to safety issues, it also may be restricted as it is a day use only area.

Drive the canyon road – Completed January 2015

Drive the Zion Tunnel – Completed Summer 2012 and January 2015

Visit Bryce Canyon National Park – Completed Summer 2012 and January 2015

Photo Credit: Jennifer Melroy

Bryce Canyon National Park is one of the two national parks in southwest Utah.  This park is famous for the geological structures called hoodoos.  These spires have been formed by the wind and rain.

Hike among the Hoodoos – Completed Summer 2012

Photo Credit: Jennifer Melroy

There are many trails that take one down into the Bryce Amphiter and let visitors get up close and personal with the famed hoodoos.

Check out my adventure in completing the Hike the Hoodoos Challenge.

See snow in Bryce Canyon – Completed January 2015

Photo Credit: Jennifer Melroy

Visit Captial Reef National Park (Summer 2012)

Eat a fruit pie in Frutia (Summer 2012)

Visit Canyonlands National Park (Summer 2012)

Go rock crawling in Canyonlands

Watch the sunrise at Mesa Arch (Summer 2012)

White water rafting Cataract Canyon

Hike among the needles (Summer 2012)

Visit Arches National Park (Summer 2012)

Watch the sunset at Delicate Arch (Summer 2012)

Visit Cedar Breaks National Monument

Dinosaur National Monument

Camp in Dinosaur National Monument (October 2015)

See the fossils in Dinosaur (October 2015)

Visit Glen Canyon National Recreation Area

Visit Golden Spike National Historic Site

Hike out to Hovenweep National Monument

Visit Natural Bridges National Monument

Meet some Utah Mormons (October 2015)

Hike Kanarraville Slot Canyon

Visit Rainbow Bridge National Monuments

See the Book of Mormons in Utah

Visit Timpanogos Cave National Monument

Day Hike to Blanche Lake

Hike to White Pine Lake

Take a swim in the Saratoga Hot Springs

Do the wave in the Wave

Camp at Goblin Valley

Watch the sunset in Reflection Canyon

Get a reflection shot at Bonneville Salt Flats

Explore Antelope State Park

Go Sailing on Great Salt Lake

Go bobsledding at Olympic Park

Hike to Calf Creek Falls

Go Slacklining in Moab (need to start practicing for this)

Take a tour of Temple Square

Hike Mount Timpanogos (second highest point in Utah)

What is on your Ultimate Utah Bucket List?

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24 thoughts on “MatD’s Ultimate Utah Bucket List”

  1. I have yet to make it t Utah but I was under the impression that Utah was more snow and mountains than all these rocky terrains but it makes sense! Your ‘Watch Book of Mormon in Utah’ made me chuckle! I would think it would be banned in Utah since its so sacrilegious against Mormons but that’s a pretty renegade idea! Best of luck in getting through that list!

    1. Utah has acquired enough outdoorspeople who aren’t Mormon that I think it would happen at some point. It would almost be worth flying out there just for that.

  2. Utah is an amazing place with so many attractions. I find the landscapes of Utah appealing with a strange wild beauty. You are lucky to have ticked off so many places off the bucket list.

  3. Utah is my favorite state, and I cannot stop going back to it. You’ve given me some interesting ideas to visit though! Golden Spike sounds interesting. I happily had to google a lot of these places. Thanks for sharing – it looks like you’re making a lot of headway on your list!

  4. Your Utah bucket list looks comprehensive and fun. Unfortunately, I don’t have a bucket list for my own state. I think I should have a list of my own. Thanks for inspiring me to create a bucket list.

  5. Your bucket list is awesome! I’ve been to Utah once but didn’t get the chance to explore any the incredible rock formations or even much of the wilderness. I’ll have to head back at some point to visit a few of these awesome sites. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I spent a night in Salt Lake City while on a road trip to Las Vegas. I had no idea what Utah would be like (something about Mormons), but the scenery blew me away. I didn’t even get to any of the National Parks like Zion or Bryce Canyon. I’d definitely love to go back and visit them.

  7. I’ve visited Utah a couple of times, and I remember loving both Zion and Bryce in particular. It’s a great state for self-drive, especially for us in the UK, we just don’t have those looooong looooooong empty roads with these kind of vistas. It does indeed ROCK!

  8. Sooo I didn’t have a Utah bucket list before this, but now… 🙂 We’re just starting to explore out west (we’re in Colorado right now!) and are loving every second! I’ve heard such lovely things about Bryce Canyon and Zion – will have to actively add a trip to the list now. Thank you for bringing up all these amazing ideas, and congrats on accomplishing so many of them already!

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