Photo Thursday – Pico Basilé Breaking Through


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Pico Basilé

Every Thursday, I will be posting a photo from my travels.  Today’s Photo Thursday  is of Pico Basilé near Malabo, Equatorial Guinea.  When I walked out from my hotel, the mountain was clouded over.  Before my ride arrived, the mountain emerged from the clouds.  It is 9,879ft (3,011 m)tall and is the tallest of the three volcanos on my island home of Bioko.  The mountain also happens to be the highest point in Equatorial Guinea. Pico Basilé like most of the island is covered tropical rainforest.  Currently, Pico Basilé lies dormant along the Cameroon geologic fault line.

I have yet to visit the summit of Pico Basilé, but I will get to the top up as soon as possible. Every time I see the mountain, it makes my day better.

Do you have a landmark like Pico Basilé that you enjoy seeing every day?

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