My Favorite Quotes Celebrating Earth Day 2015

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Happy Earth Day! Earth day was founded 45 years ago to celebrate the Earth.   The giant blue sphere that is our home.    In the excitement of celebrating, don’t forget to drink a toast John Muir. Yesterday, John Muir celebrated his 177th birthday. Happy Birthday, John! I know I am a day late, but its the though that counts.

Valle Del Cocora, Colombia

Hiking up the Valle Del Cocora is a great way to spend a day.  Cocora is hidden in the heart of the coffee region of Colombia.  Spot and spent some times and may hike up to see the hummingbirds.

Quotes Celebrating Earth Day

Mount Rainier, Washington, United States

This vista is only accessed by Wonderland Trail backpackers.  It is located about half way between the Indian Bar and Nickel Creek Backcountry camps.  This section of trail provides the best views of Mount Rainier on the entire 92 mile trail.

Quotes Celebrating Earth Day

Painted Desert, Arizona, United States

After a short mile hike from the Painted Desert Inn, I made camp on this small ridge in the Painted Desert.   I had a slight accident when locating a good spot to camp for the night, but in the end it was worth finding this amazing spot.

Quotes Celebrating Earth Day

Crystal River, Florida, United States

Crystal River is one of the few places that can guarantee a chance to snorkel with sea cows.  A winter visit to this river will yield hundreds of these gentle beasts.

Quotes Celebrating Earth Day

Snaefellsnes, Iceland

Iceland is one of the best places to see the Northern Lights.  The Snaefellsnes Peninsula is just north of Reykjavik and is a great place to sit out and see the lights.

Quotes Celebrating Earth Day

Sirnitz, Austria

This small town in Austria is a winter getaway with great skiing.  The summer provides some great hiking trails.

Quotes Celebrating Earth Day

Great Smoky Mountain National Park, Tennessee, United States

The Smoky’s is one of my favorite places to hike.  The 900 miles of trail provides many places to escape and get away from civilization.

Quotes Celebrating Earth Day

Where do you want to celebrate Earth Day next year?

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  1. Beautiful post with great pictures. Some of the quotes there carry a deep meaning. I would love to visit at least few of these listed places in future for sure. And Hopefully one by next earth day

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