Photo Thursday – Skaftafell Ice Cave


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Skaftafell Ice Cave

Every Thursday, I will be posting a photo from my travels.  Today’s Photo Thursday comes from the Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland.  This photo was taken earlier today on my tour of the Skaftafell Ice Cave under the Vatnajökull glacier.  Visiting the ice caves is a unique activity to a winter activity.  The caves are only visited under supervision of a guide.  I don’t like to plan so I had to rely on luck to sneak on one of the tours.  I showed up at the tour meeting time and hoped the guide had room for one more guest. Luckily, he did so I got to tag along for a visit to the Skaftafell Ice Cave.

There are several operations running tours out to the Ice Caves.  I selected on based on space availability, but I would recommend going with Ice Guide.

Have you ever visited something similar to the Skaftafell Ice Cave?

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