Spotlight Thursday – A Grand Late Winter View of the Grand Tetons

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Grand Tetons

Every Thursday, I will be posting a photo from my travels and a spotlight on the location. Today’s Spotlight Thursday is from my very first solo road trip across the United States.  As part of that road trip, I made several stops along the way.  One of my favorite stops was a two-day visit to Grand Tetons National Park.  Grand Tetons National Park is 10 short miles south of Yellowstone National Park.  Unlike Yellowstone which became a national park on March 1, 1872, it took another 57 years for Grand Tetons to become a national park.  Grand Tetons protects the Teton Range and part of the Jackson Hole valley.  

Of all the national parks, Grand Tetons has my favorite name.  According to legend, a group of early 19th-century French fur trappers were camping in the shadows of the Teton range.  One night while drunk, they decided they looked like les trois tétons.  That fun little French phrase means the three teats (breasts).  I always get a chuckle thinking about a bunch of drunk Frenchman deciding that these mountains looked like teats.  

I have been to Grand Tetons twice once as a six-year-old and then again at nineteen.  I don’t remember much about the first trip other than my parents being bad parents and letting me feed the chipmunks.  Don’t let your kids do that, the chipmunks carry diseases and human food is bad for them.  My second trip was rather eventful.  I started my adventure I twisted my knee while solo hiking around Jenny Lake.  Then I made friends with a moose on my way back to the car.  Later, that evening I got to watch a wolf attack heard of elk.  

Enjoy this photo of the Grand Tetons National Park from Jackson Hole, Wyoming?  Check me out on Instagram @MatDifference for more great photos.

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  1. Janna

    Grand Teton is one of my absolute favorite national parks here in the US. Amazing shot you got there of that gorgeous snowcapped mountain! I’ve only been once so I need to head back there soon.


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