Spotlight Thursday – Hiking in Tayrona National Natural Park, Colombia

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Spotlight Thursday - Hiking in Tayrona National Natural Park, Colombia

Every Thursday, I will be posting a photo from my travels and a spotlight on the location. Today’s Spotlight Thursday is from my trip to Colombia. The highlight of the trip was the couple of days spent hiking in Tayrona National Natural Park.  Tayrona National Natural Park is a highlight on any trip to the Caribbean coast of Colombia.   The park is a short 30 min and 21 miles from the city of Santa Marta.  The park is a biologically diverse park.  It ranges from the mountains of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta to the arid region by the sea.

I started my journey in the small town of Palomino near Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta National Park.  I took the bus to Tayrona National Natural Park or Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona as its known in Colombia.  I got to the park and caught a minibus out to the coast where the main hiking trail.  From there, I headed into the jungle and got my first sighting of monkey in the tree.  From there, I hiked further into the jungle.  From the jungle, I hit the beach.

The sand shifts beneath the feet as I hike along the beach until I reach El Cabo.  El Cabo is the most famous of the beach in Tayrona National Natural Park.  It provides the cover photo for the Lonely Planet Colombia (Travel Guide). I made sure to get their early in the day to secure my hammock for the night.  I purchased my hammock and changed to go swimming beach.  Most of the beaches in Tayrona have rip currents and are dangerous to swim at.

In the morning, I got up early and did some hiking around the beaches of Tayrona.  I had wanted to hike to the ancient ruins but the previous week a storm had flood the trail and it wasn’t recommended to hike up there.  I spent the afternoon sleeping on the beach.  Then I hiked out of the park and got a bus back to Palomino and picked up the rest of my stuff from my hostel.

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Spotlight Thursday - Hiking in Tayrona National Natural Park, Colombia