Spotlight Thursday – Seeing the twin falls of Trafalgar Falls

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Spotlight Thursday - Seeing the twin falls of Trafalgar Falls

Every Thursday, I will be posting a photo from my travels and a spotlight on the location. Today’s Spotlight Thursday is from my family trip to the nature island of Dominica.  We spent most of the trip exploring the snorkeling and diving on the island.   We took a break one day and did a day trip to the interior of the island.  We spent the day exploring the eastern edge of Morne Trois Pitons National Park.  One of the highlights of the day was walking along the boardwalk through the jungle to double waterfall of Trafalgar Falls.

Trafalgar Falls is a 20-minute drive from the capital city of Roseau.  The taller waterfall is 125 feet and is called Papa Falls.  The other waterfall is 75 feet tall and is called Mama Falls.  There is a visitor center and a marked 0.4-mile trail to a viewing platform near the waterfall.  It is possible to hike to the base of Mama Falls and swim in the small pool at the base.  It is at your own risk.  There used to be a hot spring near the base of the waterfalls, but it was destroyed by the rockslide in 1995. The waterfalls are fed by separate rivers.  Papa is fed from the Freshwater Lake and through the Ti Tou Gorge.  Mama is fed by the Breakfast River.

The waterfalls are worth a day trip up from Roseau.  The drive up is through the mountains of Dominica.  The waterfalls are near the geothermal areas.  There are several hot springs in the area.  If you are willing, there is a six-hour strenuous hike to Boiling Lake.

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Spotlight Thursday - Seeing the twin falls of Trafalgar Falls

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