Spotlight Thursday – House-boating on the Suwannee River


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Spotlight Thursday - House-boating on the Suwannee River

Every Thursday, I will be posting a photo from my travels and a spotlight on the location. Today’s Photo Thursday is from the Suwannee River, Florida, USA.  While I was in college, my parents would rent a houseboat on the Suwannee River.  They would spent the week of Thanksgiving on the river.  I would join them as soon as classes let out for Thanksgiving.  We would spent the week on a small houseboat and motor up and down the river.

Days on the houseboat were simple.  Get up.  Make breakfast.  Fish.  Eat Lunch.  Take an afternoon nap. Watch the Bald Eagles nest.  Fish.  Eat dinner.  Watch the sunset.  The goal was to catch Red Fish (Red Drum).  Some years, we good and others were awful.  One year, we unsuccessful tried catching blue crab.  So instead we bought crab from the commercial crabbers on the river.

My favorite memory from our time on the river was hearing a blowhole and turning about to see a dolphin playing in the water.  Alas, we were on the power boat without a camera.

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Suwannee River

Photo Credit Red Drum Picture: Randy Foreman


18 Replies to “Spotlight Thursday – House-boating on the Suwannee River”

  1. Christa

    At the risk of sounding totally dumb, I didn’t know they had bald eagles in Florida! We saw some in Maine and they’re all over the Pacific Northwest but I guess I didn’t think they would like that muggy Florida weather 🙂
    Christa’s current road . . . Fat Girls Go on Adventures TooMy Profile

    • Jennifer Post author

      They are much more common than people think. They are found throughout most of United States. I have seen them in Tennessee, Colorado, Washington and Florida.

  2. Orana

    Hi! did you listen to the song before going? or after? I love going places that I can find stuff to relate. Like when Big Kiddo and dad went to The River Kwai, they watched the movie and dad read the book.
    I like your pinnable tips for all your trips. Very helpful and creative.

    • Jennifer Post author

      Yea, we do. US Park service and I disagree over this but I have seen an immature bald eagle in the Everglades. Ok, so actually it dove in front of my car and I almost hit it. It was a large brown bird. It moved wrong to be a vulture and despite what Park Service said it was way too large to be a red shoulder hawk. I still believe it was one of two things an immature Bald a little bit lost or a Goldern Eagle that was very lost.

  3. Michele TravelwithMrsT

    I’ll definitely check it out when I move back to Orlando from my two years in The Netherlands! We’ve been traveling quite a bit on the weekends here in Europe, and it makes me want to do more exploring in Florida when I get back! Nice infographic!

    • Jennifer Post author

      I would. It is a great way to spend and week or weekend. There is so much to explore in Florida. I would also recommend Ginny Springs and the surronding areas.


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