Top Foods to Try in London [infographic]

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The Infographic below was originally published on IHG’s blog on May 9, 2016.

Planning a visit to London? After booking your flight and picking the perfect London hotel, the next item on the list is figuring out where to dine in this British metropolis. London is packed with everything from expensive, swanky restaurants to ultra-affordable, no-frills street vendors. The great thing about this city is that whether you dine in luxury or while just lounging on a park bench, you can enjoy some truly delicious food.

But what should you eat while you’re there? You’ll be bombarded with international cuisine options and hearty English dishes everywhere you turn. Tantalizing smells will waft from street carts, cafes and restaurants alike, all of which make it more difficult to decide what to eat. But on a limited jaunt in this city, you’ll want to make your menu selections carefully. It’s important to enjoy the traditional flavors this city serves up without missing out on some of the more exotic offerings.

To help travelers make the most of every meal in London, we’ve put together this hassle-free guide to the city’s best dishes. Use this menu to make sure you don’t miss out on the incredible flavors that London has to offer during your visit.

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  1. This is really cute! As an English person, its so funny to see a bubble and squeak definition. Very informative and a good starting point. There are hundreds of place to try and pop up food places. Afternoon tea in London could have its own blog! I love finding new places even now after years of visiting London. Great infographic!

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