Spotlight Thursday – Exploring Vedauwoo, Wyoming


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Exploring Vedauwoo, Wyoming

Every Thursday, I will be posting a photo from my travels and a spotlight on the location. Today’s Photo Thursday is from Vedauwoo section of Medicine Bow – Routt National Forest in Wyoming.  This photo is from my second trip to Vedauwoo.  Originally, I had planned to climb Pike’s Peak this weekend, but due to the smoke from the 2010 Waldo Canyon Fire, it wasn’t possible.  I made the four-hour drive from Colorado Springs, Colorado to Vedauwoo, Wyoming. I camped in the Vedauwoo campground.  I had the option of dispersal camping for free, but I liked having a bathroom nearby. I spent the weekend hiking and bouldering among the  hoodoos and outcroppings.

Vedauwoo is called “Land of the Earthborn Spirit” by the Arapaho Indians.  Vedauwoo is pronounced Vee-da-VOO.  The outcroppings are made of 1.4 billion year old Sherman Granite and are some of the oldest rocks in Wyoming.

The rocks formations are easily found.  Drive west on I-80 from Cheyanne.  Look for the intresting rock formation.  They can be seen from the interstate.  Get off at Vedauwoo Rd Exit and drive toward the formation.

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Matd's Spotlight Vedauwoo, Wyoming

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