Spotlight Thursday – Visiting the Volcano of Mývatn, Iceland

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Spotlight Thursday - Visiting the Volcano of Mývatn, Iceland

Every Thursday, I will be posting a photo from my travels and a spotlight on the location. Today’s Photo Thursday is from my winter road trip in Iceland.  In northern Iceland, there is a large shallow eutrophic lake called Mývatn.  In Icelandic, it means the lake of midges.  Midges are a small flying non-biting insects.  During the summer, they live in the surrounding areas.  I saw zero midges but I was there in the middle of winter.

My first day in Mývatn was spent at the Mývatn Mineral Baths.  This thermal bath is naturally heated by the geothermal activity.  The water is suppose to have healing properties. I spent the afternoon enjoying the warm water and the lack of people.  Due to the location the Mývatn Baths are never as crowded as the Blue Lagoon in Reykjavik.  It costs about 10 dollars to enter the baths.  Bring you own towel and swimsuit.

I spent a couple of days exploring the area surrounding Mývatn.  I did a Northern Waterfall driving tour.  I spent the day exploring the three large waterfalls of Dettifoss, Selfoss, and Goðafoss.  These three waterfalls are an impressive sight.  Dettifoss is the most powerfull waterfall in Europe.  The next day I went hiking North of the Wall for the Game of Thrones fans.  I hiked in the Dimmuborgir.  Dimmuborgir is the home of the Christmas Trolls. The Christmas Troll story isn’t a nice story.  Basically, if the Trolls decide you are bad then a giant black cat eats you.

The incoming snowstorm prevented me from making the short hike up Mt. Krafla.  Mt Krafla is caldera and as recently as 1984 was erupting.

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Myvatn Iceland

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  3. Kate

    Iceland is still on my list. I planned to visit this year but with work trips, blog trips and a big birthday, I haven’t managed to get there yet. This photo is stunning. I’d love to hike there

    • Jennifer Post author

      It was a lot of fun. I am loved getting to hike in the snow. I wish they had been filming while I was there.

      I am glad I stopped at the mineral bath. It was great and not crowded.


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