Traveler Gifts for Cyber Monday ~ Speakeasy Hidden Pocket Travel Scarves

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Welcome to my Cyber Monday series of travel gifts for active travelers.  Until Christmas, I will be providing product reviews and recommendation on some of my favorite travel items. Check out the end of the post for a great giveaway.

Today, I am presenting one of my favorite travel accessories: the Speakeasy Hidden Pocket Travel Scarves.  I first discovered these scarves when they were featured in Buzzfeeds’ 21 Things Every Traveler Wishes They Owned.  I couldn’t wait to own one.

Speakeasy Hidden Pocket Travel Scarves

I purchased my first scarf in August 2015.  I messaged Beth one of the owners to see what patterns she had available.  I selected a pretty blue, green and yellow light weight scarf.  Due to the number of orders, didn’t receive my scarf until September.


I was in Equatorial Guinea, so I had my scarf shipped to my parents house in Tennessee.  I stopped at their house in November on my way to Colombia. I was excited to use my scarf on my adventure in Colombia.  I opened the package and couldn’t wait to try it out.  I immediately loaded the pocket up with my credit cards, some cash, passport, and my iPhone.

Can you tell what I have hidden?

I will admit that the items were a little more obvious than I hoped, but some careful arranging helped hide the items.


I wore the scarf on the plane ride to Colombia.  I kept my passport, money and credit cards in it.  It made it so easy to keep track of and access my passport during transit.  Over the next three weeks, I would travel over 900 miles on buses.  I didn’t have to worry about someone finding my valuables since they were hidden in the scarf and unreachable.

Another benefit was wandering around Bogata, Colombia in an area where tourist robberies/pickpocketing aren’t uncommon.  I kept about $25 USD in my pocket and the rest of my money in the scarf.  Even one of the clerks at the hostel thought the scarf was a brilliant idea.


Upon returning to Equatorial Guinea, I ordered two more scarves.  This time, I went for a mid-weight and heavy weight scarves.  I now have a scarf for all seasons.  I tend to favor the mid-weight scarf since I can wear it in a wider range of temperatures.   The light weight makes a nice accessory to a summer or late spring outfit.  The heavy weight one is a thicker knit that is warm and helps ward off the cold.

I have used my scarfs in Colombia, Iceland, England, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, and the United States.


I love my Speakeasy Hidden Pocket Travel Scarves.  I hope you check these amazing scarves out.

Disclaimer: I purchased 3 Speakeasy Travel Scarfs for personal use over a year ago.  I have not been compensated in anyway for this post.  Speakeasy has graciously provided me a scarf to giveaway.



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