Road Traveled

I have been traveling since I was just under a year old.  In that time, I have been to 16 countries on 5 continents.  I am an avid photographer who takes too many pictures.  While traveling, if I take less than 100 photos it’s a slow day.  This results in a several hour photo sort once I return from a trip.  One of my favorite aspects after a trip and my pictures are sorted, is marking another country off my where “I have been” map.  The map below shows the countries I have been too.  The dark green countries are ones I have been to and written about.  The orange countries are ones I have lived in.  The light green ones are the ones I have been to but not written about.  Below the map, there is a list of countries I have been to by region.


Whole World

Roads Traveled


Road Traveled - Africa~ EgyptEquatorial Guinea ~ Kenya ~ Uganda ~ Rwanda ~






Road Traveled - Caribbean~ Bonaire ~ Dominica ~ Puerto Rico ~ Turks and Caicos Islands ~ U.S. Virgin Islands ~





Road Traveled - Europe~ Austria ~ FranceIceland ~ Ireland ~ Italy ~ Germany ~ Poland ~ Switzerland ~ Ukraine ~ United Kingdoms ~ Vatican City ~





 Middle East

Road Traveled - Middle EastUnited Arab Emirates ~




North America

Road Traveled - North America~ CanadaUnited States of America ~ Mexico ~





~ American Samoa ~

South America

Road Traveled - South AmericaColombia ~