14 Traditional Pies from Around the World – Year 3

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How about a slice of pie?  Are you looking for the perfect pie to make for the greatest math holiday?  It is 3.14 day or as its better know in math circles Pi Day.  Mostly it is an excuse for math geeks to get together and eat pie (or circular shaped items).  π is still one of the most interesting numbers in all of design and math.  It is used in many equations to solve the problems of the world.  Such as Einstein’s field equation of general relativity.

Here is Year 3 in 14 traditional pies from around the world to celebrate Pi day. You will find a little history on the pie as well as a link to the recipe to make pie.

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1. Pastelitos de Guayaba~ Argentina

Pastelitos de Guayaba is a popular dish in Argentina and Uruguay.  THe Pastelitos are a sweet fried pie filled with membrillo.  Membrillo is a paste made of quince. The dough was filled and then shaped like a flower and deep fried.

Here is a tradional recipie for Pastelitos de Guayaba.

Photo Credit – Kim

2. Cherry Pie ~ United States

Cherry Pie’s origins are unknown.  As cherries trees are native to Asia, North American and Europe.  I gave credit the USA for cherry pies because it is more commonly associated with US Independence Day on July 4.  Most cherry pies are made from tart cherries with a lattice top and a scoop of ice cream.

Here is a Cherry Pie recipe from Tastes Better from Scratch.

3. Erdbeerkuchen ~ Germany

Erdbeerkuchen originates from Germany.  The name loosely translates to strawberry cake.  The pie crust is made from shortcake and a strawberry filling is added to the top along with a layer of cream.

Here is a traditional Erdbeerkuchen recipe for the Java Cupcake.

Photo Credit – labormikro

4. Pie de Limon ~ Mexico

Pie de Limon is a classic Mexican dish.  The name translates to Lemon Pie.  It is made from a crust and filled with a lemon cream and covered in meringue.

Here is a Pie de Limon recipe in English.

Photo Credit – Felipe

5. Curry Puff ~ Southeast Asia

A curry puff is a small handheld pie from Southeast Asia.  It found thru out Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and India.  The pie is most likely filled with curry, chicken, and potatoes.  The pie is a great street food in the region and has many different filling options available.

Here is a vegetarian Curry Puff recipe called Karipap from Malaysia.

Photo Credit – Upendra Kanda

6. Torta Della Nonna ~ Italy

Torta Della Nonna is a famed dessert from Tuscany.  It was invented in either Arezzo or Florence depending on whose story you believe.  It is a sweet pie with sweet crust.  It is filled with a lemon and vanilla custard.  It is served topped with pine nuts and powdered sugar.

Here is a Torta Della Nonna recipe from Great Italian Chefs.

Photo Credit – Great Italian Chefs

7. Boston Cream Pie ~ Massachusetts, United States

Boston Cream Pie is the official dessert of Massachusetts.  Today this pie would be called a cake but it name dates back to 1850’s in Boston and has always be called a pie.  It is said that the pie was created by chef Sanzian at the Parker House Hotel in Boston.  The pie is made from butter sponge cake filled with creme patisserie and a rum syrup covered with sliced almonds and chocolate fondant.

Here is a Wicked Good Boston Cream Pie recipe.

Photo Credit – Francisco Seoane Perez

8. Fyrstekake Pie ~ Norway

Fyrstekake pie is an almond pie from Norway.  It is often called the Royalty Cake and is served on many Norwegian holidays. The pie is filled with an almond flour and spice mixture and covered with lattice topping.  

Here is a traditional Fyrstekake Pie recipe from Norway-Hei.

9. Xian Bing ~ China

Xian Bing is a Chineses meat pie.  The pan-fried meat pie is found throughout China.  Its filling varies from family to family.  It can be found with pork, lamb, or beef.  A small piece of dough is filled with the meat and desired spices.  The pie is then pan-fried on both sides then served.  

Here is a beef Xian Bing recipe from China Sichuan Food.

Photo Credit – Connie

10. Piroshki ~ Russia

Piroshki is a small pie from Russia.  Despite the similarity in name to pierogi. A piroshki is very different than the Polish boiled dumplings.  Piroshki are a yeast bun and coated with egg.  It can be filled with pretty much anything.  They can be sweet and filled with fruit or savory and filled with beef or salmon.  Vegetarian fillings have often been found as well.

Sweet & Savory by Shinee shares her mother’s secrets to her Savory Piroshki recipe.

Photo Credit – Glen MacLarty

11. Bridie Pie ~ Scotland, United Kingdom

Bridie pie originated in Forfar, Scotland.  It is a meat pastry named for being sold by the Margaret Bridie in the Buttermarket in Forfar.  It is a common dish at weddings of the 1850s. It is usually made with a shortcrust pastry and then filled with steak, butter, and beef suet.  It can also be made with a flaky pastry and minced onions.  It is made of a semi-circular or triangle shape.    If the Bridie has two vent holes then it contains onions.

Here is an SBS recipe for Bridie Pie.

Photo Credit – SBS

12. Chebureki ~ Russia

The Chebureki made by the Crimean Tatar community. It is a half moon shape filled with minced meat and onion and fried. The dish is descended from the Ottoman empire.  It has been seen thru out the Caucasian region.

This Chebureki recipe is from Lena at Natasha’s Kitchen.

By EaeeaeOwn work, CC BY 3.0, Link

13. Bumbleberry Pie ~ Canada

Bumbleberry Pie is from the New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward regions of Canada.  The pie is a bumbled mixture of berries, rhubarb, and occasionally apples.  It is always a mix of three berries or more.  It is made with the berries currently on hand.

Here is a Bumbleberry Pie recipe made from all the berries commonly available.

14. Bobotie Pie ~ South Africa

Bobotie Pie can also be called a South African Meat Pie. The Bobotie is a specialty in Cape Town.  The dish dates back to the mid-17th century and is indicative of the mixture of cultures coming together. The dish is a mixture of Dutch, Indian and Malaysian/Indonesian.  The dish is made from spiced beef or lamb with chutney, tamarind paste, raisins, and other spices.  The meat is mixed with milk-soaked bread and covered with egg and milk.

Here is South African Chef’s Reuben Riffel’s recipe for Bobotie.

Photo Credit – Jon Mountjoy

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Do you have a favorite from my list traditional pies from around the world?

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