Sick of carrying luggage up the stairs? Check out why the status quo changed!

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I have been hunting new carry-on luggage since I started my new job in November.  I want a piece of rolling luggage but at the same time, I don’t have to have to deal with things like dragging it up stairs.  I was recently approached by Naisha Joseph about her new piece of luggage called TraxPack. Naisha and her good friend Richard Braddock have developed a new piece of luggage to revolutionised the luggage industry.  TraxPack removes the struggle of dragging wheeled luggage up stairs.    TraxPack’s amazing new system treats your luggage like a tank and has a handle that is vertical and tilted.  The handle is vertical when on flat ground but it is tilted while going up the stairs.

TraxPack for her

It doesn’t just stop at going up the stairs.  It makes it easy to go down the stairs as well.  (Anyone thinking that stair surfing luggage is going to be a thing?)

TraxPack downstairs

The titled handle makes it easy to maneuver around town and keep your luggage in sight instead of dragging it behind you.

TraxPack on the flat

The TraxPack is pack full of smart extras that make packing a breeze.

In-built scales

The handle has a built-in scale to help with packing.  No more guessing and hoping that your luggage is under the weight limit at the counter.  The handle lets you know just how much more you can pack.

TraxPack scale

Dual battery charger

The bag has a dual battery charger hidden in it.  It allows you to charge your phone on the go without having to worry about the battery charger migrating to the bottom of the bag.

Tablet stand

Sick of holding your tablet while reading at the airport?  The TraxPack has a built in stand for holding the tablet while you wait for that plane or train.

TraxPack device

Proximity sensor and BPS

Forget about misplacing your luggage ever again.  The TraxPack comes with its own GPS or BPS – Baggage Positioning System – that allows  you to track its precise whereabouts, wherever in the world that may be. That can also be useful when you’re waiting at the luggage carousel at your arrival airport – you don’t need to crowd around like everyone else, as you’ll know when your bag is about to emerge.

All these features are best demonstrated by a video so head for the Kickstarter page to see the case in action.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by TraxPack.

12 thoughts on “Sick of carrying luggage up the stairs? Check out why the status quo changed!”

  1. This roller bag is incredible. I usually travel with a backpack, but there have been times where I traveled with a suitcase and didn’t have the option for an elevator in more rural towns and it was a nightmare. Especially because with a rollerbag I overpack since I plan to stay put in one place for longer. I can’t believe how convenient this bag is, the battery pack is a lifesaver especially after draining my phone during a flight and then looking for an outlet at the airport after I’ve landed.

  2. This is ultimate utility item for travellers. I am completely in awe with this radicle product.
    Doing some more online research on this product. Thanks for introducing it to me.

  3. That’s a pretty neat idea! Love it! Tilted handle & built-in scale! I’m not sure about the battery charger though? I understand some airlines nowadays don’t allow batteries & chargers in checked-in luggage, that they have to be carried on board in carry-on luggage.

  4. This is amazing! I always struggle with my bag going up and down stairs, especially now that I live in a four storey apartment without any elevator. The in built weighing scale is just perfect too.

  5. Wow, thanks for sharing and the modern product design always surprise me. Especially the scale comes in handy! I am still in love with my Rimowa, hopefully they might add some of these features to their products in the future! @knycx.journeying

  6. This is a wonderful product and an answer to so many problems we face with the normal luggage. And a battery charger is a bonus. Would love to try it out.

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